Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Taman Pertanian Cycling

Yet another healthy activity from the Thean. This time is with two person that just joined into the healthy activity, MeiTheen and KahYee which fly all the way from Serdang.

Taman Pertanian mah, of course can see many padi-padi here larh. Quite a view lerh, didn't know that this place was actually this big.

Some photo taking around the area.

The "Taman Haiwan", which means the animal farm.

Though there is only a few types of animal around (not more than 10), and they look so pityful! As if they were left there and die, because their food tanks is all empty, hope that there are really some people that actually feeds them.

The next stop is the four season house, where there are 4 different season of flowers in this house through out the year. The current season is early summer.

Many many many beautiful flowers, simply fantastic!

Some view around the place.

Joel with his new look...

And some group photo here and there larh.

The "Menara Pandang Jauh", which basically a "See Very Far Tower", climb high high and you can see some beautiful view. Sadly the sun is so shining, bright, and hot.

End up didn't really have the mood chance to snap more photo around.

Due to the limitation of the physical body, the last stop is at the cactus garden. Riding/Pushing the piece of rolling heavy metal to this place ain't easy task, for real.

Though the name sounds good, but in fact it is just a bunch of rocks and sand, with many cactus on it.

The two cactus guy...

I kicked on one of these bloody cactus, now my leg are filled with their kissing marks, urgh! (Nope me ain't showing my leg here...)

The usual photo taking around. There's a small hill there, climbed up there to do some super hero moves, lol.

Guess that's it :) What a nice day.

Be very careful when picking a bicycle to rent in this place, pick a wrong one you could suffer like shit. My advice? Just remember to check the break is functioning, then make sure that the bicycle is light, else you'll cry when pushing a pile of heavy chuck of metal up the hill!

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Raymond said...

kuching here also have those cute animal call utter...check out my crocodile farm post.=]