Saturday, June 06, 2009

Langkawi Trip - Day 1

Alright let me explain my disappearance for the past few days.

Went to one of the most expensive trip in Malaysia, the Langkawi trip that cost around 120 bucks just for reaching that place, outch!

Anyway, there are a total of 5 people (Joel, KokWai, SzeHui, ShuMei, and me) in the whole trip, with 2 kite fliers that will not be announced.

Went there by night bus, then took the morning ferry to reach the island.

"My Ferry" that not really mine, good sense of naming lol...

Our first meal here, in KFC. It has been about 5 years since my last visit here which is my form 4 class trip.

Can't really remember much about last trip (as my blog ain't born in that era yet) but all I can tell is that the place improved pretty much. There's even Starbucks here!

We rented a car to venture around the places. The first stepping point is the Langkawi Museum.

All kind of sa-bou-lang-chang here, from the very small rock to the very big car. Many of the things circle around Dr. Mahathir and his contribution, the walls are almost filled with his face.

The black sand beach. Nothing much to write here, as I have no idea why the sand was black here as well, lol.

If anyone know please kindly tell me larh, thanks!

The Langkawi Cable car are something pretty new in Langkawi tourism, it was build just a few years ago, and I'm surprised that Langkawi actually have mountains in it!

View from the cable car, somehow this cable car is much more creepy than the one at Genting. It is hell lot more slanting, and pretty shaky as well. SzeHui was freaking out in it, took a photo of her freaking self, but sadly she secretly took my phone and deleted it :(

Here is it, at the end of the cable car journey lies a huge hanging sky bridge. It was believed that this bridge is one of the longest curved pedestrian bridges in the world.

There's a small walking distance to reach the bridge, so we took some photo along the way.

Finally reaching the place!

Staggering view, isn't it?

Joel's video introduction, lol.

Finally after checking the major landmarks, we went to check-in to our resort, Sunset Resort. A really cool place with lots of trees around. The only bad side of it is the bloody 300 bucks per night for family room! (4-6 person)

We received a little gift when we reached the place. Well not to say that the flower is not pretty or anything, but it looks weird above my ear...

This place have a freaking awesome beach! Especially the ocean with the non-stopping tidal wave. These wave can go so high that it goes over my head, and so strong that it pushed me few steps to the shore no matter how hard I try to lock myself onto a position.

Damn I don't know how to explain the fun with the waves, but all I can say is that this is the beach that I had the most fun ever!

Went for shopping after the ocean fun and bathing. Looking at the tax-free items here let me realize how the government has sucked out our money from alcoholic drinks.

And I've never realize that the tax on chocolate are pretty high too! What the heck?!

The Langkawi pasar malam. This place is such a food heaven, with an insanely cheap pricing!

How cheap? 35 cent satay, 1 bucks burger, 4 bucks fried crap, you name it!

Some tax-free beer (that 20 cent more expensive than Coca-Cola) in the night, I realize that there ain't much drinker in our group of people, lol.

That's for the first day, the next day will be island hopping and switching our accommodation, the Sunset Resort is simply too much for student like us to handle for 2 nights in a row.


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