Sunday, June 07, 2009

Langkawi Trip - Day 2

The second day begins with a very comfortable breakfast at the Sunset Resort. Imagine relaxing on a wooden chair, having buffet breakfast, smell of the coffee, listen to the voice of the ocean, oooh!

I'm in heaven!

Well after the breakfast will be the island hopping. The good thing is that, this is fun! While the bad thing is that, the bloody agent cheated our money! Overcharge us (by 50%) for the island hopping! NEVER TRUST THOSE BLOODY AGENT!

Just walk on the street you can get a good price for island hopping, don't rely on those cursed agent!

Enough with the agent, the first stop is the famous "Pregnant lady island" where the curves of the island looks like a pregnant lady. Can you spot it? I've marked out the important feature :)

Next stop is the monkey island!

The monkey here damn cooperative lerh, sitting there let you take their handsome photo, lol.

Or was it they just looking for food in the hands of the tourist? Hmm...

Cat Fish spa, can't really explain the feelings of the spa, let the scream in the video do the talking!

The first kayak in my life.

In case you can't see, I'm in the middle, on the yellow floating air boat with Joel. By the way, this first time experience is NOT FUN at all! Scare the shit out of me, imagine you sitting on a gigantic banana that floating on the water, it is hell shaky and you feel you could drop into the water any moment.

The worst is the heavy rain when we "float" ourself to the middle of the lake. Oh shit!

Photo taking, the left is taken by Joel while the right is taken by myself. Joel you seriously need some photography tuition lol!

Eagles. The tour guide parked the boat damn freaking far away from the eagle feeding point, and we all know that handphone camera can't take picture that too far away :(

This is the best I could do, the eagles are as big as a dot even with maximum zoom in...

The last location is some beach with some fantastic name that we don't really remember, oh well...

And we saw a mini titanic when we reached the place. Yeap, there are a sunken ship that we have no idea why it sink.

But all we know is that the water here is damn oily! Must be some of the oil have leaked out from the boat. Walking into the sea is as good as walking into petroleum.

Well since there is no water to play, so we decided to play Joel play sand! Building a turtle Thean is the project of the day, mwahahaha...

Enjoy the moment when the monkey is born out of the rock!

After the island hopping, it is time to switch our sleeping ground. As said earlier, Sunset Resort are nice, but too expensive. We moved to Helang Hotel in the noon. This place don't have a private beach, but got a swimming pool here. The environment also not bad larh, quite comfortable.

Well that's roughly for the third day, went for shopping in the evening too. Bought a Bacardi Apple for sis, think we going to enjoy it when another sis come back from Singapore, yay!

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