Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Message

Would like to wish a happy birthday to two of my best friends that happen to have their birthday to be separated 3 days apart.


First is the Thean, Joel Thean. But as usual he won't be celebrating this very special day of turning into 22 years old with us, duh.

Queenie Ivory have this matter taken care with a buzzing 120 bucks in a TGIF-like restaurant, lol!


Another would be the Foon, which turning 21st on today! Went to his house for celebration on last week, but since today is the right day and we are free, so went for a second celebration la!

Went to Wong Kok for the very big jar of free teh tarik that has not been tarik-ed.

In the end, still can't finish it, lol! This thing is really insane, it is supposed for 6 person but I think could cover up to 10, with extra left.

*We removed large amount of ice from the cup, else there will be more than half cup of the thing left.

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