Saturday, August 23, 2008

100th Post

Actually I was counting my post counts back when I realize I've already made around 90+ post in my blog, and was thinking to put something special when I reached the 100th post.

So I did this, which what you are looking at the graph. I've been blogging for more than 1 years (16 months to be exact) and... Whao! My posting rate is inconsistence at all! The highest post rate are at the early stage back when I started the blog. That time I was still a teacher so there was quite some free time to do blog in the night after I back from the school.

Then the post rate experience a massive drop when I entered UPM, with no laptop and no access to the internet. (Blogging in the computer lab? Neh~) Then the zig-zag graph continues through out the university life till now.

Well you might notice the middle part (Oct 07-Dec 07) have quite a sum of posts there. The reason are simple: Holiday! Had plenty of time to do blog of course the post rate will be high! But after the holidays the post count drop back to the bottom of the sea...

Oh well, that makes up for the 100th post. I've noticed quite a sum of people who reading my blog now. Kinda getting pressure on what I'm going to write but as TingWei said: "Is what I want to share that matter most not what people like to see, see it if u like, skip it if u don't." My blog are just a place for me to share my feelings and thoughts, and also a open diary to allow me laugh at my old self. If my words had hurt anyone on anywhere, please do tell me so that I can improve myself.

Thanks for all the support!

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