Saturday, August 16, 2008

Misconception of piggy and doggy

The following text are adapted from one of my strict yet friendly lecturer's blog. He stated some of the common misconception in the society today. I found it pretty interesting so I'm sharing it with you all here!


The Quran states the Muslims who embrace Islam are forbidden from enjoying the pork and the dog meat, the term used is Tidak Halal or Haram. However never in Quran states that the Muslims cannot touch both pigs and dogs. Yes the Muslims can touch the dogs and the pigs, but then they have to cleanse themselves or the area of contact with the way stated in the Quran. This is the first misconception both the Malays and the non-Malays in Malaysia have. It is the culture that forbid the Malay Muslims to touch both animals.

Here are the list of misconceptions, discriminations and double standard:
  1. Islam does not belong to the Malays or to the Arabs or to any nationality. If a Muslim nation made mistakes, it shall not be associated to Islam. Supposedly.
  2. Malays are Muslims and their doings always been associated with Islam.
  3. Islam does not forbid touching the pigs and dogs. IT IS THE MALAY CULTURE forbids the Malays from doing so. I am a Muslim, not a liberal one, not a moderate one, but I am the fundamentalist. Therefore I follow what have written in the holy book rather than the culture. In certain cases of course I will diplomatically tolerate trying not to offend anyone. To the Malays pigs are too filthy that even I cannot have a picture with the pig statue.
  4. The Muslims can have the dogs to guard the house, to hunt and even herding. The dogs have to be treated kindly else to be freed. It is not encouraged for the Muslims to pet dogs but that does not mean they have to harm the dogs or the stray dogs.
  5. The dogs can be touched without the Muslims have to cleanse (the term is samak) the area of contact, if one's skin and the dog's skin are both dry. Else, we have to perform samak. Pigs on the other hand, be it dry or wet we have to samak. Therefore most Malay reluctant to touch dogs because they are uncertain to the condition of the dogs and their skin.
  6. It is the tradition and the culture cultivated through the years discriminate these animals. Islam does not.
Dogs and pigs are ritually unclean and unhygienic to be consumed to our belief. However, we do not stop the non believer to eat. It is a sin for the Muslims to consume but has nothing to do with the non-Muslims. In this multi-racial country, pigs/dogs are rather sensitive to the Malays. same goes to the Hindus and Buddhists, if I went out and knew that one of my friends is vegetarian, I will not eat meat, or at least I will ask their 'approval' if i were to have one.

Between friends and meats, I will choose the former. I can have the meats anytime later but to spend a good quality time with friends is a rare chance to happen. I enjoy the companionship than the food and to have both definitely a great bonus!

Credits to Mr. Azrin!

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