Sunday, August 31, 2008


It is the birthday for our country again. Unlike previous birthdays, Malaysia became more matured as a diplomatic country. The people has taken its responsible to become a true citizen of the diplomatic country, they've shown the government that they are not stupid, and they have the power to pull down the irresponsible jerks who thinks they will never lose.

The people has cast their vote, towards a new unknown power that can take over the current corrupted idiots who are sitting in the parliament. Yet, they should also know that this is a gamble. They can't be sure that the new power will turn bad, they can't be sure the new power won't be corrupted, yet they can always check on them, ensure that they won't make a single false step; rather than hoping for the current jackass who repeated their mistakes over and over again.

Will Malaysia become another Taiwan? Where President Bian crushed the economy of Taiwan in 8 years when the people gambled on him to bring Taiwan to a brighter future. I don't know. But what I know that, we can't stay like this forever. Time waits for no one, stop being ignorance about our own motherland, we all have the responsible to guide the new power towards the right path. We should never let him do as its wish, never, as I have faith that politician can be corrpted faster than anyone can imagine. We should always keep an eye on them, make sure they do not betray our trust.


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Encik Azrin Yang Garang said...


i am very much in agreement with your last paragraph and your last two sentences.
so monday next week, yam cha??