Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Random Updates

Feel like blogging, but having no idea what to write, which ended up with this post title. Updating some of the random stuff happening recently.

- I've never seen rain for weeks! Drink more water people, lots of people getting sick for past few weeks.
- Malaysia got a silver for Olympic! Even it is not a gold, but Lee Chong Wei, you are truly our hero!
- Addicted to some Facebook mini games. One of it is "古惑仔Online" while another is "Who Has the Biggest Brain?". The first are lame, while the second are cute!
- Exam just passed, reminds me that I was eating at Chop and Steak after the first exam in last year. Time flies, it has been awhile we didn't hang out lately, oil too expensive ah? Cutting expenses?
- Dad's birthday just passed, sorry can't be with you larh dad, exam :( Happy birthday anyway.
- Mom's birthday coming, thinking of what present should I get for her! *Head cracks*
- So many mozzy in my room, and these mozzy seems to have immunity of the mozzy coil I brought over.
- Been getting in to so many different kinds of trouble lately, sometimes it is better to just pretend you don't know anything, serious.
- It is almost end of August, yet my Panasonnic pay are still with S-Factory, the "very special" agency I've ever seen.
- I'm working on my Unholy Alliance V project again, looks like finally I'm able to find some holes in my timetable again. This time must debug the desync problem for real!
- My personal thanks to KP Chen for the quick tutorial here on how to make the blog icon up there.


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