Monday, February 02, 2009

CNY special - More steamboat

Another steamboat dinner from the Lai family, where everyone gather in section 5 house and eat eat eat until the stomach explode!

As usual we split into 2 tables, one for the elders one for the youngsters.

Our special Yee-Sang with self prepared salmon on it, look at the tick and huge slice of salmon!

"During the tossing, many good things were said. Buy toto strike Mega, renovate section 5 house, and buy the opposite empty land to build a swimming pool. May all our wish come true!"
- Sandy Lai

The ingredients, we have some special scallop this time (right picture), look at the red-fresh-juicy-yummy-tasty-meat!

The bowl. I think the picture tells way better than my words.

Here's the cooked scallop, shrink a little after boiling for a moment. This is the first time I tried a scallop like this!

The 7th day of Chinese new year is also known as 人日, which means it is everyone's birthday! Of course we wouldn't miss a cake for this one!

Count the shoes, then you can imagine how many people in the house.

As usual larh, the photo taking session. This time nobody mabuk already, because all get the warning letter from the mama not to drink too much this time!

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Encik Azrin Yang Garang said...

happy chinese new year anyway. i was a little busy with the works.
where is coffee anyway? no where to be seen?