Thursday, February 19, 2009

Life of a university student - Part VI

It has been a while since my fellow coursemates gather with so many people, truly a rare sight, a big blue moon indeed.

The forces that pulls all these fellows together are none but the power of king queen of the cc course. Of course larh, queen birthday orh, who dare not to give face?

Thus we gather, taking half of the Chop & Steak as our backyard and make lots of noise!

Well then, happy birthday to thy queen, Cielle Si Toh Chooi Ling. (God what a long name...)


Oh, let's talk about some daily life in the hostel, as the usual content for the "Life of a university student" series!

Love Warning letter from the people in charge. According to JinShi (my secondary buddy that stayed in UPM for 4 years), he said that now is a bad time to bring your car into the campus. The only good time to bring your car without getting these love letters into the campus are during the finals, boo!

Was doing my usual work, combining 3 different types of tutorial answers and create my own set of answer.

Concept CPE - Copy, paste, edit.

These garbage has been burning for weeks, located just behind my hostel. No open air burning? Yeah right.

Alright, my room is located at the first floor, and I can see the roof of the corridor just outside my window. So I thought I'd share some view with my dear readers.

Oh, just in case you can't see properly, the one on the top is the smoke heads threw up from the floor above. For the picture below, I don't think that I want to explain much about what the hell is a cockroach died on such a place, you take the guess!

Just welcome to my hostel life.

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