Saturday, February 14, 2009


I’m celebrating it alone this year.

Got a pack of expensive-looking-chocolate from one of my sister’s hamper.

How nice if there’s someone to share with…

Anyway, having it all alone isn’t that bad either, I love chocolates!


So I’m staying all alone for valentine? Not at all!

I got a girlfriend that was following me all the while. She’s always with me when I’m lonely, she’s there when I’m bored, and she’s never say no when I needed her.

She’s slim, hot, sexy, and having a lovely voice. She’s good in memorizing any love song and sings to me as if the artist who was singing. We both shares the same interest and we always enjoyed those cherish moments.

I’m glad you’re with me during my darkest time.

There my dear, my Sony PSP Slim.


Oh, talking about girlfriend, I found this from

Girlfriend - The one human female which holds certain super-human abilities such as: Mind control, mood swing, playing tired, breaking the bank, and unlimited talking.”


Philip Foon Weng Lian said...

haiyo...someone who is very close to u is just waiting for u to act ma..

be proactive a bit la..

i will support you!

be a man bro!!


Jian Akiraceo (Miao) said...

hahaha LOL at the 'girlfriend' meaning..

Lion said...

@lian: aih duno how to tell u... zzz

@miao miao: looool~

fung said...

si zai bao..

tot ur dear is the dear i tot is ur dear but ur dear is not d dear of wat i tot is ur dear..


Lion said...

hahahhaah dear fung, which dear u think the dear im thinking but not the dear u think im thinking arh?


fung said...


u sendiri know which dear is d dear~


Lion said...

i reali dunno @.@!