Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine vs Islam

Valentine's Day 'Haram' in Islam, says Malaysian state

Johor Baru, Feb. 6: The religious Department in Malaysia's Johor state has reminded Muslims that St. Valentine's Day was haram (prohibited) in Islam.

"The fatwa had been declared in 2005 but the warning was the department's yearly reminder to Muslims not to engage in un-Islamic activities" said M. Tahrir Samsudin, director of Johor's Religious Department.

The new Strait Times quoted him as saying that such celebrations involved elements of vice and violated Islamic faith and values.

He also said that the Christian elements found in the celebration did not correspond with Islamic practices.


You be the judge.

Now I know that non-Christian who celebrate this very loving day were actually a hybrid in Christianity in addition of their original religion.

So here I shall warn my Muslim friends, you may send roses on anytime, any day, EXCEPT February-14 if you don't want to get your ass into trouble, pick the remaining 355 days instead.

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