Friday, February 06, 2009


I hate politics.

This is the place where you see people grow hatred towards another person for no reason, a place where you can see how ugly a person become, a place where you see mindless morons stacking corpse of other people to climb to the top.

Let's compare a little about U.S. and Malaysia:
President election in U.S.: Obama actually praised his opponent, saying John Mccain is a selfless person, devoted to serve the country and trying to bring the best out of him. He didn't really badmouth about his opponent, he just telling the people that he is being more capable of doing his work, and his idealism about what he is going to do.
Any election in Malaysia: You will see the idiots badmouth each other, pointing all 10 fingers towards other people saying how bad they are, I'm sure they'll love to point out all the toes as well, if possible.

Sad I'll say, when will Malaysia CHANGE?


Jian Akiraceo (Miao) said...

it will change when the sun starts rising from the west :D

Encik Azrin Yang Garang said...

ha ha ha ha ha.. we need young man like you LYK.
"saya pencadang LYK untuk kerusi ahli parlimen Sri Serdang".
be prepared lion, i will name you if you willingly to give up the racial thing and work for the rakyat.

Lion said...

@jian: ghahahahaa, true true xD

@azrin: lol I've already said in the first line, politic in Malaysia is too dirty, it affects not only myself and sometimes even people around me. And I'm sure my family going to scream at me if I were to become one xD

Kev said...

politics in Malaysia? Well, if you're not brave enough to face criticisms, and if you don't have a thick face, and if you believe in following the rules, then better don't be a politician. Can die faster ... coz people will curse and swear at you if you don't fulfill your promises, and if you don't follow what the other dirty politicians do.

Lion said...

exactly why xD