Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dinner of the day II

Had some out-of-ordinary dinner in Mid Valley the Gardens. In a hotel that looks like restaurant In a restaurant that looks like hotel.

Went "whooo" and "woaaah" when the restaurant actually offer us a private room, carpet on the floor, chandelier on the roof, and no extra charges! What else could be expecting?

This restaurant have very interesting plates and bowl, look at their shapes, look closely.

Grill duck, the best duck I've ever eat, the meat is so soft that they said people without teeth could chew it easilly, and I'm so agree with that. Not only the meat is soft, it is also juicy and the skin is crunchy!

Aw, should took some video instead of photo.

Grill chicken, though me personally thinks that the duck is still better, but the chicken ain't that bad either, the chili for the chicken is really good!

Ordered 3 bowl of dumplings (云吞), the taste reminds me of the China maid that used to work in my house (taking care of grandma) and she makes really good dumplings! Haven't taste any such dumplings since she went back to China.

Well then, some vegetable, taufu, and mee. Balance up the food pyramid lol, else we'll be having too much of meat.

A big big thank you, many many terima kasih, loud loud arigato, and very very 谢谢 to AhPak (my uncle) for treating the meal!

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