Monday, April 20, 2009

When your friend is hospitalized

This is my personal experience after coming out from the hospital, hope will help you in any visiting situation!
  1. DO NOT greed the patient with "you haven't die ah?" - Unless you are asking for trouble.
  2. TRY NOT to call the person for the good old "how are you?" question - Being sick simply make a person less chatty, you could try asking the person around the patient for the latest condition, that would be a wise choice.
  3. TRY NOT to call the person for another good old "hope you get well soon!" wishes. - Again, a sick person need lots of rest instead of answering "I'm fine now", "recovering, thanks", etc. If you are trying to show your concern, you could try to SMS the person though, no harm in that way.
  4. DO visit the person, you don't really have to chat all the way during the visit, just being with the person is far greater than thousand words.
Well, roughly that's it. Now some of you might understand why me ain't answering your phone calls. I was either sleeping or had already answered 4-5 calls that asking the same good old question.

Yes, yes, I know people are just showing their concern and stuffs like that, but think of a person who is already damn sick, give the person some rest larh. You could always ask his/her sibling or parents, don't ask the poor thing directly larh, he already have an army of bacteria to handle with!


~YM~ said...

haha..understandable esp when ur real sick, even if ur jz at home.. to greet or not to greet depends on the pt's condition. If the pt is sick, no need ask unless ur blind. But some patients are relatively well, staying in hospital for observation. Those are the ones willing to chat and answer anything..:P

leo7_lion said...

Erm, Reasonable... I'll take note of these =) Sometimes, ppl don get how to concern in the right manner^^ That's why blog is to share experience where every1 will improve in human behavior. Glad u r alright now~

Lion said...

@YM: yeap yeap, but if you know the person is really sick then don't disturb them la, those who just staying for observation are entirely different case though~ lol~

@leo7_lion: lol yeah, even showing concern also need to be in the right manner, else it could be annoying lol xD

fung said...

lol... i just rmb, d chances of u answering my call is more than u not answering my call.. lol...