Monday, April 13, 2009


A new experience that I seriously don't really want to have.

Location: Assunta Hospital
Sickness: Love sick Suspect Dengue
Syndrome: High fever for few consecutive days
Cure: Sleep in hospital

Left: In case you don't know, the thing that poked into my vein for injecting salt water into my body is around 5cm long! Scream like having your butt bite by a dragon when they putting that thing in.
Right: Hospital food, looks good but taste differently. I ordered porridge for the rest of the day in the hospital after having their rock-hard-rice.

The good thing about private hospital is that you have more nurse that speaks Chinese. Since I was so sick, therefore I don't really have the mood to disturb the nurse around, bah. Some of them are quite pretty, just some larh...

The first hamper in my life is actually from this kinda situation, not sure weather to feel happy or sad. Anyway, thanks ChaiGim, ChungWang, and WengEe for this lovely gift!

Very sorry and many thanks for my mom, (even though she ain't going to see this) for making her worried for my situation, and taking care of me all the while. Also, the love and care from all the other family member, thank you very much!

Special Thanks:
UPM kawan: Eric, WenJian, and SiToh for flying all the way from Serdang to visit me.
SuFung: Know you very got heart larh, all the way from Subang, lol.
Couple Thean: Thanks for coming to cheering me up!

Currently still not feeling very well inside, but at least I feel that it is recovering though. Ciao~

P/S: I got lots of apples -_- someone help me finish some...


Anonymous said...

an apple a day keeps the doctor away, so u hav to finish it by urself...

they r gud for u....

Kev said...


sorry to hear about your hospitalisation. anyway, get well soon - was it dengue or some other illnesses?

take care and keep blogging.

fung said...

just saw ur blog de..hehe..

u should be thankful i help u eat one big