Friday, April 03, 2009

Hot Day

Before starting, the title of this blog post was actually "Bad Day", but got my mind changed after some thoughts. What thoughts? Well I'm not sure you are aware or not, but for a person who jumping around the blogsphere founds that people like to express about how bad they were experiencing, instead of how good they have been. Typical examples of these title: "Stress", "Bad day", "Another emo post", etc; instead of seeing these: "Lucky day", "Life was good", "I'm so happy", etc.

Ouch, guess that was too long for an opening.

Well, right from the morning when I woke up, I had already feeing the effects of lacking sleep (simply asking for trouble for going DotA knowing that there is an 8am class on the next day). Lack of sleep ain't that bad, what's bad is that the lecturer fly us a big kite in an 8am - 10am class! Waking up so early for no reason but to crap in class for 2 hour and wait for tutorial class at 10am. Please la April fool had passed already!

Then in the noon, for some really stupid reason (which I'm not going to say), I ended up walking under this hot sun for about half an hour. Walking under the hot sun is okay, I always did that, but the worst case is that I'm doing that for half hour when (for another really stupid reason) I actually don't really have to! Getting my whole body sweaty for no reason is plain dumpass.

Then after finishing the tutorials, time to go back home. Again I turned my dried body sweaty again for the rushing to hostel to take my laptop, crossing the 3 floor height bridge because the guard seal the hole below it.

Hello komuter, I love you as much as I love hamburger and canned sardine fish, it makes me feel like being your kind. The air con in the train are frigging strong, here I turn my sweaty body dried again.

Finally I've reached home! The first thing I go for is the water (my body is so lack of water at the moment), then the second place is the bath! But now felt like going to sick soon, been achoo-ing here and achoo-ing there. I want some movie! Had not been stepping into the cinema for so long!

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fung said...

sangat kelian punya lion...

no ppl teman u watch movie summore~