Friday, April 24, 2009

Life of a university student - Part VII

Semester 4 officially ended, along with my life staying in the hostel.

Well, I do agree that staying in hostel is indeed convenient as the engineering faculty is just over the bridge. But staying in hostel also means that you'll be facing all the star sun moon monkey banana cat dog KFC McDonald stuffs, which in my opinion, not worthing.

Anyway, the end of the hostel life also means the beginning of another problem, where the heck I'll be staying next semester?


Yes, I can continue my sweet date with my imaginary girlfriend in my imaginary world without realizing the reality in the early morning.

The study table, dining table, gaming table, book rack, and sleeping table. All-in-one, not even Ikea could give a better deal.

The door and windows, just for memory saving. I've faced them around 2 years after all, they are all the same no matter which floor and which room, except the ground floor.

Thinking back of the exams are nothing but a series of nightmares, struggling with a bunch of strangers that you have no choice but to understand them.

Well then, thank god that the nightmares are over now, time to enjoy a cup of Starbucks coffee promised from sister after finishing my finals. Thanks a lot ah sis!


leo7_lion said...

u wil mis student life^^ lol

Anonymous said...

yo hw u capture pic during exam de

Lion said...

phone la lol