Monday, March 08, 2010

Project Alpha: I Just Love Good Smelling People

To be honest, I'm kinda running out of things to write, but thanks to Project Alpha, which gives me a topic to write on weekly, and I'm getting some cash too! Isn't it sweet?

Well, talking about the topic of the week, good smelling people. Normally when we talk about smells on people, we normally think of this:

As the bad smell.

As the good smell.

Well, good smelling for me is more towards how I feel towards that person, that I could say "I can smell your from far when you coming."

I just love the good smelling of my mom:
No I'm saying that I like to go to my mom and sniff on her... I'm sure most of us have the experience of hugging in mother's warm arm when we are small. Yeah, the smell of caring and love if you ask me.

I just love the good smelling from good people:
Some said that good people emits some aura, like Buddha with lights behind them. But they also have good smell of their kindness and gentleness. Just like we all love to have food with good smell, we enjoy hang along with good people.

I just love the good smelling from my girlfriend:
Again, I'm not a sex maniac or anything! By nature, opposite gender normally have some attracting scent emitting from them, a scent that can't sense be themselves but the opposite gender. Some say that it is just shampoo or perfume, but I'll call it the scent of attraction, if you are single, or scent of love, if you are in love, lol.

Well, personalities can be interpreted as smells, chilli is the smell of anger, rose is the smell of love, vanilla is the smell of pureness, and so on...

But coming back to the reality:
When you stinks, you stink. But have no fear, as there's a saying that "there is no ugly woman, only lazy woman", and my version is "there is no stinky person, only noob who don't know Adidas".

Yeah you get it, when you stink with HongKong leg, body odour, time to act before everyone around you start to complain!

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by:
Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS

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kenwooi said...

smelling good is nice =)
all the best.