Tuesday, March 16, 2010

StarCraft II Beta

After the long long wait, finally I get to play it! StarCraft II Beta is here! In my laptop!

Though I wish to wait until the official release, but having "operation CWAL" (operation can't-wait-any-longer) and ended up getting the beta installer and some beta launcher to test up the game.

The game is just as good as we expected, added with many micro controlling mechanism that helps us play better. Graphics are incinerating my graphic card, I'll need to drop all the texture and quality to minimum in order to play smoothly, else there is lagging like no tomorrow.

Enough talking, sharing some screen shots with you all :)

New Protoss Mothership, similar to old Arbiter, with the Cloaking Field and Recall, but with tons of life and damage, can only build one though.

The Terran have tons of changes, other than the old Marine, Ghost, Siege Tank, and Battlecruiser, everything else are changed. The building add-ons also have new functions.

What to say, StarCraft II is another big boom from Blizzard!

Credits: DarkBlizz for the StarCraft II beta launcher.

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