Monday, June 11, 2007

The end of the deal

Things in the world are always so funny, when you are trying to get something you always ended up with something else, my case for example: I was trying to get a K800i, so I went to all these phone shops around ask for the price, this and that.

Now? I walk into the phone shop, asked for K800i I saw on the other day and guess what, it was sold! I was like arrrrgh what the *xxxx*! Then the shopkeeper tell me they have a 2nd hand W850i in stock, asked me intrested or not. So with a long hour of phone testing and such, I ended buying the W850i instead, funny eh?

Anyway, here's me and my W850i.

Now I offically declare that I'm dry now, so don't ask me to belanja or anything!

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