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3 days 2 nights at Fraser's Hill

As the title said, I just came back from Fraser's Hill with a kiss from a princess leech and a hungry stomach (freaking hungry, I was typing this while having my dinner). Since there is so many things to write, I guess I'll start from a SMS from Jason that looks something like this: "From YeatHann: Jason, want to go up to Farser's Hill on Thursday? There is my area! If can, call a few friends and bring some snacks. We are having bbq, everything is free, my parents belanja." With a "Yes, I'm free on these few days" as answer, I received another SMS on few days later from YeatHann: "Come over to my house on Wednesday night to sleep before we depart next early morning. My house adress is..." And now the story starts with the Wednesday night.

30th May (Wednesday)
On the morning, Joel sent me a SMS asked me to wait at Taman Bahagia LRT station around 9 o'clock and he will bring AhLian and another girl (Elaine/SweeWen) to YeatHann's house, well nothing special happened except that when we went to fetch SweeWen, she asked us to turn right and left and ended with a BERHENTI sign in front of us! Anyway we get to fetch her in the end. When we are going to YeatHann's place, we were like lost in a maze and in the end need YeatHann's mother (we all called her auntie) came out to guide us the road. After we reached YeatHann's house we went out for yumcha. SweeWen brought her friend to the trip too (WeiEn, we all called her Queen later on) and that became our topic of the night: How she look like, tall, short, fat, skinny, with pimples, beautiful, and etc. Before we went to sleep me and AhLian was playing Magic cards and SweeWen was showing her skill on the school band by playing the piano in YeatHann's House; while Joel was adding some wicked stories using the piano music as background music. And finally we are off to sleep, everyone sleeps so fast that Joel was snoring like mad! With my beloved zen mp3, I managed to record down the lovely snore! Fufufu...

Me: "You are listening to Joel's snore~"
Joel: "Snore sn
ore snore..."
Me: "Chun leh!"

(Please turn your speaker louder as the voice is quite low.)

31st May (Thursday)
So in the morning, around 6 o'clock, my lovely hand phone alarm woke me up. When I go downstairs to wash my face, Jason is there with a panda face (he said he didn't sleep for the whole night). When the things are prepared (preparing food, pack up luggage, arrival of Joel's her, Queenie, and fetching SweeWen's friend, WeiEn), we may all finally start our journey to Fraser's Hill! We begin by having our breakfast nearby. The whole way to Fraser's Hill took around 2-3 hours (information by YeatHann's father, we all called him uncle). We split into 2 cars, car A driven by auntie with passenger Joel, Queenie, AhLian, and YeatHann; car B driven by uncle with passenger SweeWen, WeiEn, Jason and me. Along the way are mostly forest and hill roads, they scenery are very nice, especially when we pass by this big lake (or a dam, I'm not quite sure about it). Auntie's car stopped awhile to take some photos; while uncle's car continued the journey. After around 2 hours of sitting in the car, I've finally see the road sign for Fraser's Hill! Well the good thing is we are almost there, cool and refreshing air around us; and the bad thing is the way to get to our destination is scary! You'll see those places that landslide had happened before, narrow and sharp turning roads. Almost everyone's head is spinning for the last half hour. And so, finally, we reached our destination - a flat in Fraser's Hill, YeatHann's second home there!

(Here's a short video Joel took when we re
ached there)

Well we begins the day by resting, unpacking the stuff, and taking photos around. As I said earlier, the air there is cool, but due to the sunshine it seems to be hotter than expected. When everyone is rested and the things are unpacked, auntie made us some tasty lunch and then YeatHann brought us a short tour to the town (there is a short distance between the place we live to the town, around 1km distance I guess). Along the way we saw many beautiful flowers we can never see in the city (even there is, it will gone within 3 days), there's also a smoke house with many many rare flowers that I've never seen before! We've also visited this flower farm, strawberry farm, and a play ground near the town. There's also this boat-riding-stuff here, where you ride the boat like a bicycle and the boat will move, but sadly when we reached there they were closing, so guess we've missed a chance to ride the boat.

We took around 45 minutes to reach the town where it should be 15 minutes walk (of course, we took many side roads and stopped a many times to take photos and comparing a tree with a human). Hmph actually there is nothing much in the town, we plan to rent a bicycle to tour around more but since the renting price is RM6 per hour we gave up the idea. We took a short tea break in the town (showing happy tree friends series to the girls in the same time, guaguagua...), shopping (brought an army bandana), and taking photos with the famous clock tower. Now, trouble arise! Queenie seems to get sick due to the low temperature, tired of the walking along the way, the happy tree friends, and the food (Roti Arab, some big round roti, very tasty!), so we had no choice but to seek help around. Luckily YeatHann knows the people around here and got us a van transport and brought us home.

We plan to have the BBQ for the dinner in the first night, but because uncle had went back to Puchong due to some problem and the weather isn't very nice, we postponed the BBQ to the next day and auntie made us some dinner instead (curry chicken, tomato fish, and rice). Oh yeah, not to forget that we saw many many rare bugs that we can never see in the city, the bio students (Joel and AhLian) named it one by one, and the rarest we saw is a bug called "Longhorn", they said it can be sell for 70 bucks! But in the end we didn't catch it after all.

Now the fun part begins, chewing kuaci while watching CiewKapMouDekJionMunYan, p
laying Liar, ChorDaiDee (here's the time WeiEn got her *LuiWong/Queen* gelaran due to her staright winning in card games), and eating snacks. Ah, we all thought of this funny phenomenon that the time is passing slowly! After all the games and shows and we were quite tired, then we realise that it is only around 12 o'clock (strange isn't it, time always seems to be pass faster when we are in the city). Anyway we all went to sleep around 3 o'clock, not to forget that Jason snores (again), and of course, I recorded his snore as well! *evil laugh*

Me: "You are now listening to Jason's volcano"
Jason: "Snore snore snore..."
Me: "Scary shit oh!"

(Please turn your speaker louder as the voice is quite low.)

1st June (Friday)
In the morning, I was awaken by Jason's volcanic eruption (snore) and couldn't get back into sleep, I whacked him few times but it only stopped for few seconds, so it left me no choice but to change my bed, and sleep outside the sofa. A few minutes after I changed my place, Queenie woke up too (seems like I'm not the only snoring victim, most probably Joel's snore woke her up). She went to brush her teeth, then I realise that I haven't brush my teeth before I slept! So after she's done and slept to another sofa, I woke up and brush my teeth. Guess what, after I finished brushing my teeth and went back to sleep in the sofa, I heard some slig
ht snoring, not from Jason, nor from Joel, so... I don't know!

Anyway we all woke up around 10 o'clock, played a few rounds of mahjong, have our breakfast and lunch (fried rice, with the material chopped by Joel, and the girls, while fried by chief Foon), auntie brought us to walk around the place that we haven't visited on the day before. There's a little different in the path we took compared to yesterday. Auntie said that there were a shortcut, instead of walking all along the roads so we all agreed to use the shortcut (which is my most regretted agreement made on the trip). The shortcut is some sort of jungle tracking path (looks like Bukit Gasing), the only different is that there is so many leech! We all were shouting "Ahhh! Leech!!" "Shit! Leech!!" "Awo! Awo! Awo! Leech!!" all along the way!

After the *leech's path* and a few minutes walking, we've reached the horse riding ground. When we've reached there, I felt a sudden itchiness on my leg, so I take out my shoe and socks, and SHIT! I saw a leech! Look at the fat leech after sucking my blood! Jason told me that "You can't kill a leech even u step on it, you have to use a rock or something." And thanks to his idea, guess what's the result of the damn leech? I took a rock and smashed on it, the blood inside its body split out like a water balon; and it is not yet dead! It is still moving! Then I took another rock with a smooth surface, put the rock on the leech, and drag the rock as hard as possible. The result of it? The leech had become a black line on the ground, oh yeah!

Okay enough with the leech, a few of us had some horse riding while I'm killing the leech. After that, we went to the archery ground nearby, since the place had almost closed down, we only able to place for awhile (20 arrows only, 2-3 arrows per person). It is so fun! First time in my life I get to feel how an archer feels like. After the archery training, the weather starts to turn bad - rain! So we are stuck in a cabin near the archery ground. With nothing to do, me and Joel were playing some monkey tricks there.
and Finally the rain stopped and we are on the way to go back and prepare the barbecue! We starting the things by me and AhLian starting the fire (first time in my life to start a barbecue fire without using a fire starter! Uncle teaches us many things on these stuff) with SweeWenWeiEn helping out. Joel and Queenie were playing his *kicking shuttlecock* with the locals around, Jason were riding the bicycle with no breaks. YeatHann and his parents were preparing the barbecue materials. The fire finally started, and we started baking the stuff! The initial fire were very *powerful*, many chicken were over burnt because of that, but nevermind, we forced Joel to ate all the burnt chicken because of not helping out! *evil laugh* Finally a few chicken were cooked, and glad to announce that I had the first piece of the chicken! It is so so delicious!

The sky is turning dark, and the air starts to turn really cold, you can see that we all were trying to heat ourself up with the barbecue pit in the picture. After the food, we played some games like the "请你跟我这样做" and "辣辣寿司边个吃", these games really brought back some memories of the old time. Thank god nobody thought of playing stripping there, if not all of us would turn into ice sticks!

After cleaning up the barbecue stuffs, we went back into the house and have our bath (finally) while uncle was sharing some of this experience with us (aka grandpa stories), watching TV (Shrek) and played poker (again) until around 3 o'clock and went to sleep.

2nd June (Saturday)
Today is the last day we stayed in Fraser's Hill! Well the day begins with Joel's recording of Jason's snore (learned from me!), and taking photo of AhLian sleeping (look carefully, there's someone beside!), let's enjoy the short video here first!
After everyone has woke up, we went out for lunch, it is a starwberry-farm-restaurant, the only starberry food u can get there is a strawberry juice, we ate fried rice fried mee there insted (weird eh?) Anyway after the lunch we are going to have our last to visit in Fraser's Hill, the waterfall!

After around a half hour ride, we finally reached the famous waterfall in Fraser's hill! Look, Fraser's hill = high ground = cold place, and water from Fraser's hill = high ground water = cold water. I'm not kidding, the water is freezing cold, from he picture you can see that I was screaming because of the cold water! When we reached there we've already saw a few people were shaking because of the cold! However that doesn't stop us from getting into the water! Especially when there's such a beautiful waterfall in front of us! What can you do with a waterfall? For examples look to the pictre on the right, you can do Marry Go Round with it, or running from one side to another, have some showcase of "monk under the waterfall", "Superman under the waterfall", etc...

After we had enough with the waterfall (really can't stay there for too long, or you would ended becoming an ice cube), we started another project of "Kim and the mutant twins brother"! Frist, we've seen people get buried when they lying on a ground, but have you ever seen a person get buriend when he is sitting on a ground? And look at here! Here's one fine example of getting buriend when sitting on the ground! And the funny thing is I made a cute pig face at the front, and WeiEn made an cute pig take on the back, then Joel and AhLian made the 4 pig legs on the side, that's why we called it the "merged twins of Kim and pig"! Anyway, some short video is always better than thousand words!

And here's the breakout of the Kim!

Oh yeah, there's a side product of this "Kim and the mutant twins brother" project, which is the giant foot on the left! How is this produced? Since on the progress of burying, we need sand, so we took the sand nearby, so we dig and dig, a foot shaped hole appeared unconsciously, then AhLian go dig out the holes for the toes and it look exactly like a giant human foot print!

After we are finally tired, hungry, felt like resting, we went back to the house and have the Nasi Lemak we packed earlier in the strawberry restraunt and started packing to go back!

Hmmph, I guess I'm done here, this is really a fantastic trip ever! I really hope that I have the chance to go there again if I've given the chance because there's few things we've missed during the trip (slept too much and we are lack of time to enjoy all the stuff there, and most of the facilities there are closed around 5 o'clock... The M peoples need to do prayer).

Some afterwords:
Again, many of us felt that the time is moving slower when we are in Fraser's hill (last time was during the another waterfall trip with MeiTing and her grandparents)! I really think that we should give this syndrome a name like "slowed time out of cities syndrome" or something like "dimention out of cities syndrome"! Don't you agrees too?

My many thanks to:
Yeat Hann - for inviting us to join the fun
Yeat Hann's parents - for the transport, barbecue, and the place to sleep

For more photos, please view my photo album, under tag 2007fraser

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