Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Life of a teacher - Part IV

Recently I've been called back by YangFu to go back to the school to continued teaching in Chen Moh. How to say, seriously I don't really thinks that I'm in the mod of teaching now, there's so many things in my mind lining up to be solved such as the roads to UCTI (crap, I'm still figuring how to get there by car!), my private Warcraft project of Unholy Alliance IV with bunch of bugs found and implication of new systems, taking rests before university starts (tee hee...), gathering with old friends, and many many more!

And thanks to Chen Moh, all these plans need to be postponed to later or cancelled! Further more I need to face the students that I once thinks "Ah... Finally I don't need to face these demons anymore!" Yeap, those demons in 2C! Anyway (maybe?) I should thank YangFu after all since if she wasn't called for me, I won't get my W850i now (and thanks to that, I'm officially
broke), also, some income is better than money going out when YamCha after all. After all I do miss my great colleague (the pig fri- dog -end) and also, *cough* some of my students that I liked...

So, this short period of teaching from now until university starts lasts for around 2 weeks, god please bless me to be able to survive for this 2 weeks! Ormnitorfo...

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