Sunday, June 10, 2007

To deal or not to deal

To deal with what? Well look at the picture above, yeah that's what to deal with! The Sony Ericsson K800i, my dream phone. Currently I have a few price in my mind.
  • RM 1330-1410 from shop, original.
  • RM 1000-1030 from shop, AP price.
  • RM 1,300 from ChooiYee's friend.
  • RM 1,000 from my sister when she want to chance to K810i (negotiable price? My sister after all!).
  • RM 900 from a 2nd hand phone shop, original, been used for 1 month, still in insurance.
Obviously the first and third choice is out due to my budget of of RM1,000 only. With further consideration by comparing the second and the fourth choice, of course I'll pick my sister's one since the one she's using the original phone and I don't need to buy the memory stick!

Now the remaining choice is the fourth and the fifth choice... If I were to take the fifth choice then I better make the decision fast, since other's won't wait for me to sell the phone! Help!!

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