Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy birthday Foon Weng Lian

Well, though you didn't invite me for your birthday celebration (click here) and did make me somehow 不冷静 in front of the computer (I mean what the hell, call ChinLiang also dun call me!?).

Gah enough with the mumble, anyway you were one of my most reliable friend ever, you thinks deeply before taking action and always have the best result as possible; though sometimes it causes you to look like an wooden block (*cough* someone said it, not me!) but that's simply you! You are a good teacher, friend, brother, son, boyfriend since the first day I know you! Wish you have your wish to be granted in this special day.

Again, Happy Birthday!

1 comment:

Zulynn said...

Hahaa..his gf jus noticed tis post..
Thx for d compliment