Saturday, June 23, 2007

Rest in peace, grandma

Today in the morning, I went out with Jason, WeiRen, JiaKen, and ZhenHong they all to do the medical check up for the university. Then after the check, we though of going to MidValley for the education fair. To be honest, this was by far the worst education fair I've ever attended, the whole thing isn't really helpful (other than getting another Segi College pen). We've only spend around 10 minutes in there and left the place.

After that, we went walk around MidValley
(pet shop!) waiting for time passes because we planed to have steamboat buffet in the night. Out of a sudden, a phone call from sis've ruined all the night plan. "Grandma has passed away, come back." Is what she said. With a moment of shock, the thing I need to do now is go back home, and Jason said that he'll cancel the buffet plan (I'm terribly sorry Jason).

Now that I'm back, saw aunt IV already taken down all the red stuffs in the house. The atmosphere is heavy (of course, who would be laughing at this moment). I heard that grandma was passed away at 4.30p.m, but anyway, now isn't really a good time for blogging, time to go help out at downstairs.

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