Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Alien, Good or Evil?

Most people who know me long enough knew that I'm a science freak (a.k.a. geek), and I'm happy to be one :) Today, some inspiration out of no where gives me the idea for this post about alien. Let the talking begins~

Dr. Michio Kaku categorize alien civilization into few category: Type I, II, and III.

Type I – This civilization harnesses the energy output of an entire planet.
Type II – This civilization harnesses the energy output of a star, and generates about 10 billion times the energy output of a Type I civilization.
Type III – This civilization harnesses the energy output of a galaxy, or about 10 billion time the energy output of a Type II civilization.
**For your info, human civilization is a Type 0
that still stuck with fossil fuels.

In another word, how advance the alien civilization is based on how good are they in sucking the energy in the universe for their own benefit.

According to Prof. Stephen Hawking in this article, he thinks that if alien civilization were to have contact with human, they are very likely to be nomads that depleted their planet's resources and thus looking into our planet's resources, and seeking new resources in our planet.

Let's not think too highly of ourself, what kind of resources that we have, that could attract their attention? Is it oil? gold? uranium? I seriously don't think so.

If I'm an advance enough civilization, the main problem that I could be facing would only be energy crisis, and with my technology, I'm safe to assume that my main source of energy would be nuclear fusion, which is the energy that power up our sun and all the stars in the universe. Where does these power come from? The answer is hydrogen. Do we have hydrogen? Yes, our planet is covered with tons of water that could be convert into hydrogen.

Could that be the reason that alien emptied their hydrogen supply and start to invade our world for hydrogen? The answer is a big NO! Why? Well it's simple, if you compare earth with gas giants such as Jupiter, Neptune, and Uranus, which most of their main component is hydrogen, the hydrogen supply on earth is totally insignificant.

Just think about it, if I'm able to do interstellar space travelling, why would I stop at this tiny planet instead of a gigantic gas giant waiting me nearby?

Well if it is not energy, maybe it's some rare element such as gold or uranium that attract their attention? The answer is yet another NO! This is because the best place to find rare element are the supernova sites - a place where old star burns off their fuel and exploded in a huge explosion. That is the best place where rare elements can be found due to the extreme heat that enables fusion of rare element together.

In short conclusion, earth is just like another rock on the road for advanced alien civilization, they should have no interest in us at all! For their technology, finding an inhabited star for energy harvesting should be a piece of cake. The rare element we have on earth is just grain of sand compared to the mountain of supernova sites.

Allow me to ask, what is the most precious and beautiful thing in the universe? My answer is life itself, and I don't think an advance civilization will prefer to destroy life unless that particular life is endangering other lifeforms.

And that's the only reason I can think of if alien civilization were to have contact with us - to stop us from killing others.

Don't you think so?


kenwooi said...

i dont believe in aliens.. until i see one! =P

Kev said...

Newspapers describe immigrants as aliens - seriously! Therefore aliens are beings that are not local; they may come from another country, planet or universe.

Dr. Kaku is my favourite scientist though I can't comprehend much of his string theory. He's into anything physics - a great thinker.

Aliens do exist and it's out there. Dr Hawkings warned that we should not welcome aliens. Well, that's rather subjective - if there are other galaxies then could be good aliens out there. We just don't know the technology they have.

... I believe aliens don't necessarily have to look like a hybrid of man and animal. They could just look like us but with a far higher mental capability.


Lion said...

Also, I think that without a positive attitude, I don't think any civilization can advance until space travelling - they'll destroy themselves before able to do so.

If war and conquer is not the way to do so - that's why we all wish that world war II is the last war we have.