Saturday, May 22, 2010

Rat Race

For some reason, I see myself being stucked in a rat race of life, and for some reason, I don't wish to ended in that road.

There are actually very few people I know that actually doubted a very simple rule of life: "Go good school, get good marks, go good company". If those were in your mind for the next 20 years, welcome to the rat race :)

Well I'm not saying it's bad to be in the rat race, instead it is the easiest way to live a life, but not for me. Doing the same thing over and over for more than a year would cause my brain to deteriorate to machine level...

It's like a quicksand, the earlier you realize the position you are in, better the chance you can do something to turn the table; else after dropping for some time, one could even give up on struggling.

Like my sister told me before, I shouldn't miss the chances when I have it. Every chances are like a robe, it's up to us to decide pulling it or not. It might be a durian tied on the other end, but there might also be the one that pull us out from the quicksand.

Yeah, can't afford to be ignorance anymore.

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