Saturday, May 08, 2010

Flash: Simple RTS Game

It might take some time to load as the thing are quite big, please wait for a short moment ^^~

This game reminds me of Magic the Gathering, where it looks turn based but not really, strategy and timing are important too :) If this seed were to grow, I think it has limitless possibility for the outcome. Just think about adding more custom spells, custom effects (stun, poison, etc), custom items for hero, custom battle ground...

The only bad thing is - I need an artist for the animations! Some "attacking", "take damage", "dying" animations for the heroes are so needed!

What I personally wish to further this thing into is a new Facebook application :) But problem here is that - I need a server to host the stuffs!

Can't do this alone man, need artist, need sound effect, need server, and need people who interested in it lol~

P/S: In case you don't know, I coded this baby :)

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SDI Project- RTS said...

I must say, even though I personally don't code in flash this is pretty impressive.