Thursday, May 27, 2010

Google Translate

Have you every play with the Google translate? Well try this:
  • Selection for Translate from - "Detect Language"
  • Selection for Translate into - "Chinese (Simplified)"
  • Type in something you can think of: e.g. your name.

I tried with my name, and it came out something pretty amazing! Hahaha...

A few things that I found pretty interesting:
wo shi zui bang de = 市禾的罪恶状态
tmd = 战区导弹防御系统
wtf = 跆拳道
omg = 饿
die = 其中
geng = 步行
walao = 至少

So, we can get: walao, the translator so geng! = 至少,翻译步行!

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