Monday, May 31, 2010

Ipoh Makan-makan Trip - Day 2

The old school Hainan breakfast we had, along with a cup of tea. You simply feel life's good when having this kind of life. Thanks to Joel's beautiful grandmother again :)


After the very filling breakfast, we headed to Kuala Woh for some hot water spring.

A rock giving ceremony for arrival on Kuala Woh, the rock fell right on Foon's leg after taking this photo ._.

Basically that's how the things around look like :)

The place where the hot water are coming out (really hot). Was unable to keep any part of my body in that hot water for more than a few seconds.

By the way, the hot water area are very small, the hot water turn cold after it combines with the river water.

Meet the handsome guy and pretty girl~

A new species of frog are found in Kuala Woh, anyone interested to dissect him to view what's inside? Hahaha...

Hmm... Foon sure likes to cosplay as froggy, if Disney were to have Princess and the Frog (real life version) I think he'll be a fantastic actor :D


Finally, our last station is at Kampar's duck-leg-mee. The taste are... well basically I don't like ducks in the first place, so better don't comment too much about this =X

And that's the 2 day 1 night Ipoh-Tapah trip, Thanks to Joel's beautiful grandmother for the place to stay, and hopefully everyone enjoyed la :)

P/S: Suggestion for next trip please~


6!u3@ho!ic said...

malacca malacca!!XD

Lion said...

actually the original plan was going to melacca one, but can't get hotel so ended in perak hahahah