Friday, May 14, 2010

Internship - Day 18

Been working in Western Digital for some time now, though there are some task given, but it is still considered flexible. I can say that we can have all our time to complete it :)

There are many interesting stuff going around the office. But I'm not really sure what can bring out and what can't, so better just keep on the low profile.

However there are still something that can be shared for sure:

Had a college that came from Thailand and brought us some sweets (I think) that... seems to works better as a display than a food.

And he has been teaching us some basic stuffs around too, a nice guy :)

Been raining quite frequently when going back home from work. Federal gota be the doom road when you are trying to use it during rainy day.

Thank god the worst part is right after my turning to my home. Nightmare avoided.


fung said...

dear write this post in office?????

Lion said...

no la yesterday nite one, i put the time to post it on today