Monday, May 31, 2010

Ipoh Makan-makan Trip - Day 1

Last weekend was a memorable one, went a trip to Ipoh with dear, Joel, Foon, and WeiYao.

The departure time was 9am, but as usual, Joel was late. Anyway, the driver of the day is Foon, and the first stop is Tapah, which is the place we'll have our accommodation thanks to Joel's beautiful grandmother :)

The place is called Hotel Timuran, with a coffee shop at the ground floor, and rooms to lend at higher floor.

The check-in key. Though the hotel don't have all those 5-star services, but it's definitely old school, comfortable, and I liked it!

Call the numbers if you are looking for a place to stay in Tapah :)

Taking a break for a cup of coffee.

The next stop is Ipoh, appointed driver are Joel; while the appointed passenger are busy syock sendiri with the camera inside the car.

We meet up with MeiTheen, which is dear's roommate and also an Ipoh-lang (means Ipoh locals). Thanks to her we get to save the trouble of finding great food in Ipoh (though her sense of direction have plenty of room to improve, lol)!

Our lunch spot are located under a big tree, they call it 大树下 (under the big tree).

醉虾, which basically means prawn mee. Super duper fuper delicious, not only it is cheap (RM5.00), it have a total of 7 big, juicy, yummy prawn in it!

Ipoh laksa with some fried stuff. Unlike any fried stuff you can find around, the food are so deeply fried until it breaks like a glass when you munch it.

Yeah I know it's unhealthy stuff, but just too delicious lah =.=

And the big fat Joel had all of em! (Just kidding, lol he only have two bowl of it...)

Went to have some dao-fu-fa and some dao-jioung-sui, 80 cent each. Now tell me, can you find such great food at such price in KL?

The weather forecast a thunder storm, and it went real when we don't wish it does. So we decided to hide in Ipoh Parade for some time until the rain stops. The others went for bowling while I choose to walk around the mall (I just don't enjoy rolling my money into the longkang -_-).

After the storm the weather is a good one!

Next station, the Guan-Yin-Dong.

Well I don't know how they import the whole wishing tree from Hong Kong, but it looks good :)

Have no idea why these clay soldier have anything do with GuanYinMa, I guess they were some freebie when importing all those GaunYinMa statue?

*Comments are not needed.*


Ka-chak ka-chak around.

Left: The two only girl around.
Right: Everyone huat ah!

Again, I have no idea why a Japanese tea garden have anything to do with GuanYinMa... Tourist attraction purposes?

The original Ipoh chicken rice! Well if you ask me what's so different, the only thing I can think of is the extra pepper they used on the dish...

Anyway, it's nice lah.

Ever had an ice kacang that look like this? The picture are a same bowl of ice with 2 different side. I think there are more than 8 types of fruit on it.

Price: RM4.00 (So damn cheap lah!)


The poor Foon ate something wrong and was feeling unwell in the night, luckily the Panadol ActiFast acts really fast and he recovered before even reaching our hotel in Tapah.

Guess that's all for day 1, to be continued later :)


meitheen said...

Lion, I know you are jealous...but the fact is: i am your dear's darling! time please gimme time to do some homework so i can be a pass-i tour guide

Lion said...

hahahah, okok next time i give u enough time to draw a map and mark down all the point of interest down :D