Sunday, May 30, 2010

Project Alpha: My Sweetheart Smells Like Action 3 Fresh

As I mentioned earlier, we all like good smelling people no matter what. But for this week's Project Alpha's topic, I guess I need to narrow down my scope to just my sweetheart :)

Let's see, there are many variant of Action 3 product from Adidas, such as sensitive, pure, fresh, and a few more. But picking one to match my sweetheart is none other than 'Fresh'.

Why you ask? Well because I feel that every time I meet her, she's always cheerful and kept a smile on her face, which is like a clear water that refreshes all bad stuff from my heart.

Well that's not the only thing, the word 'Fresh' also means something that "newly made, not faded", which just nicely describe my sweetheart. Being with her never made me feel bored, there's always something new we can talk about. Things doesn't seems fading when she's around.

Hehehe... To avoid my dear readers to freeze in ice, I'd better stop here, love you dear~


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Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.

1 comment:

fung said...

hahahahaha.... was thinking who is ur sweetheart~~ lolz...

love dear too~~