Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Life of a teacher - Part III

What's the most pathetic way you can think of to spend your time with? The answer is sitting in front of the computer for around 9 hours, entering student's marks into it, having a 穿山甲 releasing her wrath around, and biting anyone who gets near her.

Yeap, that's what I'm doing 9 hours ago! Few days ago, YangFu asked us (the temporary teachers), to go back to the school and help the computer team for entering the student's marks into the computers. And then, today I went to school around 8.30a.m. and started to entering all these stupid data into the computers. However that wasn't the worst thing yet, the 穿山甲 was there too, biting people all around (means she was complaining all the stuff around her, about her job, about the program, about she spending her precious holiday in the school, about us, about this, about that, etc).

There's this mysterious unsolved question we've discovered there; we've found that most the the marks that was given by the class teachers are all print-out papers, very few were written by hand. So what does this means? This means that most of the teachers does know how to use a computer and therefore they can enter the students' marks without having any lame excuse such as *I don't know how to use a computer*! What's the bloody point of us doing the job twice!? And there's another lame part where the program for us to enter the marks will close off anytime if you click the wrong thing, furthermore there's a more stupid fact that there's no autosave for the program! So if you did something stupid when entering the data, the program close off, and if you forget to save, good game!

Here, KokPang was crying for the lost of half of the marks he entered and got shot off because he forgets to save the thing, result? Redo the whole thing! *evil laugh*

Oh by the way, what's the prize of the day? A meal in the school canteen and a McDonald big mac! Yummy?

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