Thursday, April 22, 2010

Project Alpha: My Dream Destination

It's exam week, I'm having my hands full with bunch of lame things that I have to memorize, and yet Project Alpha choose such a time to give us surprise for a double instant cash blogging in a week!

Don't know I should feel happy or sad...

Anyway, this time seems like talking about travelling. It seems like MAS is having some traveller's package to travel around (if you have the money, of course).

Well, if only money is not the problem here, I'm more than grateful to visit a few places that been in my head for some time.

My mom has always been telling me that if we were going to visit China, you can't visit all the hot spot in your whole life (either you wallet dried up or your life dried up; whichever come first).

Well, as a Chinese myself surely I'll be interested to pay a visit where my grandpa and grandma came from. Ain't a good thing to know more about our roots?

Yeah baby, if there's a place I must visit in my lifetime then Japan gotta be one of it!

The Japanese culture has always been shining in the international stage, their Fuji mount, sakura blossom, samurai story, and not forgetting their anima and manga. Also they have the most advanced robotic technology in the world, I'm so want to take a look at all these end-of-edge things man!

To be honest, I don't know much about European countries. And that's the main reason why I want to pay a visit there!

All I know about about them is things people telling me things about how romantic they are, how friendly, how nice, and so on...

Rome is another place in the European countries that I can't miss. The place where all the ancient Gods of the Greek mythology are born, a place filled with mystery from the past and ancient time.

Ahh... I better stop here, else this post gotta be 10 page long and I'm still writing!


Oh ya, Project Alpha has uploaded more episodes of video into YouTube, check it out~

Aww, always get me drooling when I watch them, argh! By the way, do pay a visit to their full playlist here for more.

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fung said...

dear... japan also got a very nice thing ---> SUSHI!!!!!