Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What are the Government Thinking?

I seldom comment on what's the government doing (as normally I don't want to get brain damage due to overemotional or getting protection from ISA when I said something too right), but this time Mr. Nazi Nazri seriously makes me go "what the shit is in his brain?"

What's the issue? APCO wages only larh, not much, 77 million a year. How much is 77 million? I'll show you the number: RM77,000,000.00 only larh.

Want more numbers? Here you go:
> 1 year = RM77,000,000.00 (77 billion a year)
> 1 month = RM6,417,000.00 (6.4 billion a month)
> 1 day = RM211,000.00 (2 million a day)

We are spending years to get million, they get 2 million from Malaysia government a day (which is the money from the tax of you, me, your mom and dad, your brother and sister, your uncle and auntie, and everyone working around).

Not a small number, so we usually ask the person in charge that - why is it spending so much? Here's what Mr. Nazi Nazri said: "Najib get to meet Obama! They improve the image if Malaysia in the international stage! Do you think that these are free?"

Meeting Obama
So what? Does it mean that we can have a better salary? We can have lower tax? America will protect us from snatch thief? America will shoot the racist that never talk sh*t (x3)?


So what we get is just - Najib speaks with Obama. End of the story, price - 77 billion, paid by Malaysia tax payers.

Improving Malaysia Image
This is even more laughable. The image of a country is not just talking about how many clown you hired to tell the whole world "Oh yeah Malaysia is damn nice!", is the country itself proving to the whole world that Malaysia Boleh!

If you want America investors to come to the country, then screw the you-know-what policy that earned nothing but making you-know-who richer.


Let's see, Singapore is even smaller than Malaysia, but I'm sure they don't even need to pay a cent to have a meal with Obama, and who don't know the "tiny red dot" in the world map? Because Singapore prove to the whole world that they are capable of doing so, not spending money to do so!

Yes, I always wondered that his brain was eaten by a zombie or something, 简直脑残!



Chili Crab said...

U sure about the amount of APCO wages? It's terrible, i would say.

Esther said...

lolz, plants vs zombies..

Lion said...

hahaha yeah, someone send some zombie bites of their head pls

Karen said...

not N's money mahhhh..what does he care

Philip Foon Weng Lian said...

good one! I laughed so loud when I saw the zombie and all my colleagues were looking at

Lion said...

hope it made your day :D