Thursday, April 29, 2010

Flash: Piano

Well we've seen many piano keyboards on iPhone or something, and the code to do them is actually really simple.

So I took some of the free time made a simple keyboard for Flash practice :)

Oh yeah, instead of clicking the keys one by one using the mouse, you can also use the keyboard to play the notes, just poke the top button if you want to do so.

Black Keys (from the left):
"2"-"3" "5"-"6"-"7" "9"-"0" "="

White Keys (from the left):
"q" "w" "e" "r" "t" "y" "u" "i" "o" "p" "[" "]"


fung said...

i like this one... if can have longer keyboard that better..=D

Lion said...

bo bian la, i dun have the sound notes with me hahaha...

extract from the old piano assignment geh~