Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Road Trip with My Broadband

Awh... Another tricky title from Project Alpha, because I'm a person that have once in a million chance to do any road trip, let alone bringing my protable-laptop around for broadband. Boo~

Anyway, maybe in the future, I'll need one of these, as I don't quite like to stay in one place for too long, and road trip is surely one of the way to get myself moving around!

The worst thing about having trips is when you are so eager to share your experience, you have no internet access; then when you have the internet access, your mood faded away.

It always happens, especially long trips.

That's why I skipped some of my trips and thus the reduction of my memorable moments in the blog. Thinking back alone make me go *sigh*.

*cough* Anyone sponsor please~ *cough*

Having one of these would be nice, I'm not sure about those isolated places like jungle and hill, but having one is surely better than none, at least I can have access to internet at any nearest hotspot.

Some say smart phone helps, but I don't think so. Just imagining blogging with it spins your head, and if you are talking about quick sharing through Facebook or Twitter, yeah maybe you were right, but I still prefer to blog it out.

It's like sharing a nice whole piece instead of sharing some shattered pieces~

Well if next year I'm one of them I think I'll definitely need to grab one of these, to update my latest tracks on my blog anytime!

*cough* If I finally have a portable laptop... *cough*

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