Monday, April 05, 2010

Project Alpha: My Favourite Sport

Another week for instant cash blogging! Awwwh I'm getting really in love with this (who don't love money please raise up your hand)~

Anyway, this week is talking about my favourite sport.

Yeah... Don't stare at me like that, I may not look like a sport type of person but I do play sports (well, actually there's one sport I play, the only one) - which is:

Tardaa, badminton!

For me, playing badminton is like playing chess, we do predictions and we you use strategies. Let's see, we usually predict where the opposite player will hit the ball to, and hit to the place where opposite player can't save.

Well I'm not that much of a professional compared to the people around me, but the thing I did enjoyed the most is faking a smash. Most people that played with me before normally will get "%^&@!%#" with me because I get them running a lot, lol~

Now that reminds me, I haven't been touching the shuttlecock for quite some time! Blame that to the expensive badminton courts around (especially those that shoot up their price during holiday), and the busy time schedule everyone having *sigh*.

Oh, when you get stinky after a game, remember to get the right product to clear up your stinks, sometime bathing don't fully do the job (especially guys, they still sweat after bathing sometime - -).

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