Monday, April 26, 2010

Internship - Day 1

Yeah, jumping into internship right after my exam, can't have fun at all *booo~*.

Anyway, joined western digital, with a total of 8 of us from the same course went there (can start a hoo-ha party already).

First job of the day - Patience testing.

And uh... Some briefing about this and that larh, wanted to take some photos on the gigantic hard disk bank (lots of $$ if you do the math) but we had been warned that things we see are just for the eyes, all are confidential so I also better don't talk too much about it.

Let's hope the card up there are not within the confidential list.

Well, seems like having a strict but helpful supervisor, and a bunch of new friends to made. Good luck to myself larh~


fung said...

good luck to ah dear~

meitheen said...

Enjoy ur internship oh...WD is a big company leh...gambateh! hehe