Tuesday, April 20, 2010

For Mailo

Mailo, 14 years old. Been working as the guard dog for Lai family for 15 years (since 1995). The photo was taken in the early days when he is cute and naughty.

The name was give because his face is so alike when the 'Mailo' in the Mask by Jim Carry. Ain't they so alike? Aww...

Until recently, his eye sight start to blur out, hearing sense start to go bad. If we are not careful he might thought we were stranger and give us a bite!

However, his sense for dog food never go bad, immediate come on call when he smells dog food.

Today, you left us to the other world. I didn't took any last photo of him because he wasn't looking too well, and I bet he didn't wish us to see his final moments (the four sisters will cry for him badly).

You earned your long rest here Mailo, the place you like to run around when you were younger. May you watch over us in heavens, and ask gong gong and po po take care of you up there larh :)

Also take a good watch over Koffi to be more brave instead of just having a loud voice only >.<

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