Friday, November 21, 2008


Looking back into my own blog, I see that it's been a while I didn't post things about myself! Been posting all the weird weird stuffs in my weird weird mind, aww...

So it's time to have a little bit for my daily life!

*Point to the title*
Yeap, badminton! Been ages since I played badminton with someone. Yesterday suddenly called up by Pn.Fung for some badminton due to lack of kaki (CCL + WeiYao + Fung = 三缺一). But today her sister came along, den AhLian with his girl girl too, end up 7 people playing. Luckly the court are quite empty so we used 2 courts with paying for the price of one court. *Bwahahaha...*

It seems that I have no improvement since primary time, lack of practice and my laziness is the cause I think. Now feel like my bones are disconnected among each other, tomorrow going to get some bad muscle pain for real.

Anyway, sports -> bath -> bed = best thing ever!

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