Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My second week with Nuffnang

Just wow! I'm quite surprise myself, for achieving 100+ click for the past 4 days. Since I'm still new to these thingy, I'm not quite sure this is considered as good or "bah~ that's normal~".

But I do have some little tricks of mine to attracts traffic, maybe sharing some here?
  • Visit others - and leave a link. Of course, give a good and constructive comment behind.
  • Nuffnang Innit - Yeap, especially when you jumped to the top 10s, you can see how your uniques shoots up.
  • Posting style - Some people likes to align center for all their post, while some just do as they wish. For me I loved justify full because it looks neat!
  • Content - Make sure other people understand what you are talking about! If you wish others to come back for more, who the hell want to visit your blog when u talk about something only yourself understands?
  • Sub-blog - If you still insist to do so, you may choose to put all these stuff into a sub-blog, where only you will go to read/write things that only yourself will understand :)
  • Pictures - This one just my personal posting style, I believed people just get bored quickly when they see a page full of words. What I did is I'll make sure there is at least one picture that related with the blog post are attached into the post. Adding some colour never fails to attracts people!


Eugene said...

I agree with you.
You doing good.

Hope you continue do the best!

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(chinese + english mix blog)

Harry said...

good advice!

AHMIKE said...

Great to hear that bro =D


Lion said...

thanks guys ^.^v

najwan said...

Wow, congrats on ur 100+ traffic! :)

Philip Foon Weng Lian said...

good job man! =)

keep it up and thx for all the guidance!

weide said...
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weide said...

welcome to my site

jasonmighty said...

Thanks for the info ^.^
Been trying to find out how to do just that..
Feel free to visit my blog at

tanyus said...

good advice! I Will try it! ^^

Sahniana said...

good advice!

Jian Akiraceo (Miao) said...

I think I should reply more XD
I'm quite a quiet reader XD

curryegg said...

Hi there.. thank for dropping by my blog. Haha... I guess this is one of the secret to get traffic?
Thank for the tips!