Wednesday, November 05, 2008

End of Terror - Exam

Finals ended! Woohooo! I guess I'm one of the earliest fella among my friends to finish the finals as UPM did not supply us with the study week that all the other university did.

Look at my table:

This one is taken before having my electronic circuit paper. Basically the whole subject is about formula, count, and memorize. Not my liking but still into it.

This one is taken before having microprocessor test. Notice the existence of the PSP there? This is due to the way to study this subject is all about memorize, memorize, and more memorize. I could die if there are no breaks in the middle!

Knocked out - Not even a PSP can save me from the memorizing hell of the microprocessor. Plain terrible and horrible.

Exam hall - A place that with the pressure of 1atm physically, but 100 times of the pressure mentally. A place that begins and ends all the suffering phobia of examination, a place that you decide your survival or death.


Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

good lah.. finish exam liao.. so nice haha

Kevin said...

Finals ended? Good then you can have a good and well-deserved break. You have worked very very hard & I'm sure you'd do well. If i were your lecturer, i'd certainly be proud to have you as my student... seriously :)

in the meantime, enjoy the holidays! and continue blogging.


Encik Azrin Yang Garang said...

looking at the exam hall, and an adult ( not that 'adult' lah) student, i feel that i do not want to have a final when if i were to handle a class. it is freaking stressful. i do not wish to kill my students before they even graduated.
i had an experience, 4 exams in 2 days in a row. none of the exam was subject from liberal study. and yes i was a freaking zombie at that time.

if only we could change the learning system... that is really2 a BIG IF...

but i am confident that you will score excellently. bring me good news (at least 3.8 la okeh??)


Lion said...

wah 3.8... I hope so la... What I know is that I did my best and does not regret larh :) now home sitting learning some web design *download web design bookzz~*

good day! :D