Sunday, November 23, 2008

New Banner

Got myself a new animating banner!

My, been through so many trouble to make it, a big thank you to a very professional artist designer friend from primary - YYY ( for helping me to make this banner.

Phase 1
I almost had heart attack when she sent me the first banner. It looks like below:
OMG!! Unless I'm a girl, else my blog can't stand such "colorful" banner on top of it larh.

Phase 2
Of course I tell her the things above, then I asked her to remove the fa-li-fa-look things on the side, and see how it goes:
Well, not bad, just the background looks... dull?

Phase 3
Then I suggest she put the current background into the animation, as plain black background looks really dull:
Then the frigging Flash went joking with us, giving us a decolorized image like above!

Phase 4
And finally, using the power of Adobe Photoshop, we finally get this image, which is the banner I'm using now:
However there is a small incident happened in using the Adobe Photoshop, look:
Waaah! The thing hang! 抓狂抓狂~ But thank god larh, things went smoothly after that, else we both going to be on the news paper tomorrow.

Thank you many many many much! Hahaha yeah I know we both 抓狂 for the night, almost 一画两命! Terima kasih banyak-banyak!


YYY said...

Oh lolz!
You spoiled my creativity~~
Anyway it's your blog banner...I should do something you like...lolz....

If you show the photoshop thingy I think everybody will 抓狂 as well....hahahaha

Killing us!

BTW....I'm not pprofessional...-_-

TNH said...

wow..the banner look nice...i also need create one banner for myself..hehe..