Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bukit Tinggi Trip

Yet another healthy activity from Joel Thean. With the destination of Bukit Tinggi (not the one in Klang), and also a wonderful starting of 2 car of 10 people.

However due to many many funny reasons, people who going ended up fly plane here, fly kite there, left 4 people who actually make it - Me, Joel, Queenie, and SuFung. We planned to start going there around 1pm+, but again due to many many funny reasons, we start going there around 2.30pm. We are going super late!

Lazy type larh, let the photo do the talking larh:

On the left, Thean the driver. On the right, OMG is raining!

But thank god, the rain stopped when we reached there. And thanks to the rain, the air is so chilling up there!

Well you still can see the sky dark dark, but no more rain!

A hollow armor, a real thing that we don't usually see!

The street is filled with Christmas decorations! You can really fill that Christmas is just around the corner here!

Crazy posting... As usual...

Uh... Too happy? I think I siao liao x)

That's a wishing well, not sure that is it really works but I do wish for having good results for my papers larh (the very-common-wish for all students).

Un-roasted turkey on the left, rosted ones on the right. Don't believe me please.


There's also a "Japanese Village", other than "France Village" that we had seen on earlier, I felt like traveling around the world!

Oh yeah, there's some forest walk here too, well you know, those "back to nature" and "one with nature" things, the air there is so refreshing that you can never get in KL.

All kind of post you can do with a falling tree...

Not to forget, some video taking!

Bloody tired after all the walking... Read our faces!

You know, if you are really so unlucky to have rain when up there, and you have no umbrella. Cry for your wallet.

A very very strange phenomenon of the day: We are all wearing BLACK without others knowing about it, coincidence?


I think that's long enough for this post, thus I shall end here. Many thanks to Joel for being the driver of the day, organizer of the day, voice loser of the day, and joker of the day!

There's still some places that we couldn't visit due to the time limit, hope that we can go there again larh! Of course, go earlier.


Kuntong said...

are u sure? haha

slumbeRAJA said...

never been there but it look cool ^^