Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Encoder Decoder

Here with the knowledge in Visual Basic 2008, I brought to you - The Encoder Decoder!

First, you can download it here. No worries my dear, it is virus free. Below is showing how it works, just follow the simple steps:

  1. Enter the message that you want to encode at the black space on the left.
  2. Choose a password to encode the message with, then click the "Encode" button.
  3. After the message has been encoded, click the "Copy code" to copy the code and start fooling around!
  1. So, someone sent you an encoded message, and you know the password. All you need to do is paste the code to the blank space on the left. (By clicking "Paste code" button)
  2. Enter the password, and press "Decode" button.
So what can you do with this program?
  • Let's see, a secret password for you and your partner? Sending an encoded message bring surprises!
  • Fool your friend with the encoded message, make him beg for the password!
  • Encode a special message (birthday message) and sent to your friend, don't tell him the password until the day has come!
  • And of course, safely deliver a message to the person you want without others knowing its content!
Try now! Download the program and decode this with 0308 as password.

1 comment:

yaokeong said...

Ahhh, interesting! Now I can start passing secret messages to my friends :) thx man