Tuesday, November 04, 2008

My first week with Nuffnang

As the title said, some of my old readers might found I added some advertisement at the side of my blog. That's Nuffnang!

It has been a week with Nuffnang and my blog had generated some money! Not a big amount (very little, instead...) but better than none larh. Finals are over, going to spend more time with the blog. (Increase the net traffic!)

Maybe should add some other advertisements? Neh~ Not for now, but maybe in the close future. Let me get more familiar with these ads first!


Kevin said...

well, lion... some money is better than none ;)

My nuffnang is still at RM2.15 after 3 months - not sure if that's fast or slow. I guess i've to look for other ways to speed things up - any tips?

Btw, if you've ads that are useful, then ppl will click even without asking them


Lion said...

well... I'd say that's the first bucks for the first week lol!! Last week I saw a blog post about how to attract traffic into your blog... hmph... can't really remember where, might need to google or dig a little~

Mike said...

u r doing pretty well... in fact consider quite good... coz mine is much much lower... been with Nuff for quite a few months, but haven't gotten my first check yet...