Thursday, November 06, 2008

Mentally retarded blogger

My dear readers:
I don't hate, discriminate, curse, shoot, blast, or whatever a person unless I feels really offended and angry about it. But this idiot is different (to go to its blog, click the picture or here), as it has open up my narrowed eyes, and showing me how retarded and mentally disabled an animal can be.

What it does? To put in simple is that it collects picture of people:
- dressing in skirt.
- holding hands.
- ladies in jeans.

And give a good lecture on how should they behave their wearing in Kelantan. Its reasoning behind all these is the bloody maksiat that labeled wide and big at its blog title. But I think that is a extremely bad excuse, even other Malay and Muslim friends are so disagree with it, shooting it from the bottom of hell to the top of heaven.

Anyway, what I see in this mentally-retarded-and-physically-disabled-moron's blog is that it is making such a fool out of itself. I'm also grateful for other Malay and Muslim friends that does not agree with this wicked-fiend.

May God bless everyone with the freedom they deserved, except this brainless-idiot.

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Philip Foon Weng Lian said...

*mid-finger-up to that blogger..friggin moron

MinG^__^YaO said...

waliu..i always go there time need be careful else kena take picture..huh!!danger!!

Lion said...

well that pervert only target ladies... maybe tell your mom or sis to b careful around :)